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About us

Our history begins in 1942, date in which our grandfather acquires and puts into operation the current OIL MILL turning over in the production of quality Virgin Olive Oil. Initially he, later our father and now our mother and we, the Fernández Ortiz brothers and their families, try, with the inestimable help of the staff, to elaborate an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality.

Why Clemen?

Clemen is short for Clemencia, an unusual name which is linked to extra virgin olive oil here in Badajoz.

Clemen is our mother’s name. It was the first brand which was registered in the 70s and in the year 2000 we wanted to get it back.

Now we want everybody to know.

We are socially responsible and we are committed with local companies

  • All of our workers are from the area which means that the impact on their journey to the factory is reduced.
  • More than a 50% of our suppliers are from Badajoz.
  • The olive which we make our olive oil with is within a radius or less than 20 km
  • The derivative that comes out from extra virgin olive oil is called “alperujo” and it is taken to an extractor located in less than 10 km.
  • We handle the waste and we don’t throw any kind of discharge. With the industrial use water we water our own lands.
  • The olive tree leave collected when cleaning the olives is reused as grass for the cattle breeder sheep
  • We are investing to reuse other secondary waste

Manzanilla carrasqueña

It is a native variety of olive. Its name comes from the similarity with a small apple, plus it’s green. The olive tree has a holm oak shape commonly named "carrasco", hence carrasqueña”.

More than 60% of our olives are this variety. We owe it its extraordinary taste.


Almost all of our products are handcrafted making use of the minimal and essential mechanisms.
  • All our bottles labeling and packaging is hand made
  • Chocolate filled with extra virgin olive oil cream is made in a bakery and they are all handmade
  • Perfumed oil is prepared with herbs or skin and is all handmade both the filling and filtering and the subsequent packaging and labeling. They are thus absolutely natural.



Visitas guiadas con motivo del 75 aniversario

Con motivo de la celebración del 75 aniversario de nuestra almazara, abrimos nuestras puertas para hacer visitas guiadas y cata de aceite. Podéis venir con vuestras familias y conocer un poquito más de la historia de Aceites Clemen y su trayectoria desde 1942.

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Nuestra cosmética con aceite de oliva

Sabías que el uso de cosmética con aceite de oliva se ha venido utilizado durante siglos? Nuestros ancestros nos dejaron valiosas tradiciones que todavía hoy debiéramos conservar.

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